How To Save Thousands of Dollars and Eat Healthier From Your Own Backyard

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    Tired of Shelling Out Big $$ for Healthy Food? 
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    Worried About Not Knowing Where Exactly Your Food is Coming From?
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    Can't Get Your Kids to Eat Their Vegetables?

You Can Knock Out All Those Problems
Right Now (Even The Picky Eaters)

Do you know how many different chemicals (pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and more) are applied to most conventionally grown produce? (I won't leave you hanging - many fruits and vegetables test positive for dozens of unique chemical compounds.)

If that makes you nervous, don't worry, because you can always buy organic! And the organic version is available for only a 100% price increase (or more)!

This seems backwards to me, but that's the system in which we currently live, and there's not a whole lot you can do about it. You either buy the stuff that's been sprayed into oblivion, or you pay the premium that gets tacked on for them to not spray it. 

But there has to be another option, right? An option that removes all the guesswork, one that doesn't leave you a slave to the whims of the corporate food giants, one that gives you high-quality, low-cost food (and might even encourage the kids to eat more vegetables).

Yep, yep there is. No sense in prolonging that cliff-hanger.

I Was Right Where You Are

You want to provide the best nutrition for your family and make sure you're not feeding them something that's laced with poison, but you also need to be aware of your budget.

And of course, you don't have a ton of spare time. You need a solution that works, but doesn't take up the whole day (or whatever's left of it after your other commitments).

​Never Thought It Was Possible?
Think Again.

​No matter what situation you find yourself in, you can grow your own food.

I'm not suggesting that you're going to replace everything that you eat. If that's your goal, awesome, but odds are, that's not where you're at right now; I sure know it's not where I was at 15 years ago.

So rather than be overwhelmed, you're going to start small and work your way up, because there's not much worse than biting off more than you can chew and then just giving up completely.

​Simple Solutions ​For Everyone

​​You want to start, but not sure how? 

​Convinced that you have a "black thumb?"

Live in an apartment or condo and think that you don't have the space?

Been growing food for a while, but you've hit your peak?​

I've heard all the reasons why you think you're doomed to fail, but whatever your particular reason, I'm going to disagree. Unless you live in a literal cave, ​in which case you're probably out of luck. Otherwise, you are more than capable. Don't underestimate yourself.

Try to think of it this way: whatever your reasons are for not doing it, come up with a counter reason for doing it.

​The number one reason that I grow my own food is to give my family the healthiest options possible. I also enjoy saving money and playing in the dirt, but control over what we eat is first and foremost.

You may have similar motivations or something completely different, but whatever it is, does it override your fear of failure?

​Get Yourself Off The Crazy Train

​By now, I hope you've convinced yourself that growing your own food is not only possible, but that it can become your reality.


I am well aware of how intimidating it can feel at first; in today's world, being responsible (even partially) for your own sustenance can seem counter-cultural. ​Heck, personal responsibility of any sort seems to be frowned upon these days, but this is a perfect opportunity to display some.

​Now I realize that might be pushing some of you a bit too far, but the industrial manner in which ​food is produced today is largely unsustainable long-term, and if you can remove yourself from that crazy cycle even a little, you should.

​It Starts With One Plant

If you're excited to take control of what you and your family consume... if you want to eat organically... if you don't want to pay a ridiculous premium for healthier choices... if you're tired of only getting to choose from bad or worse options at the grocery store... then let me just say this: it starts with one.

One tomato, one cucumber, one basil. Whatever that one thing is that you love to eat, grow it.

Then next time, grow one more. Then one more. And before you know it, you're an honest-to-goodness gardener.

Does any of this hit home with you?

May I Recommend:
 Dig In! How To Grow Your Own Food

Dig In! is a course designed to teach you the building blocks that you'll need to start a lifetime of producing healthy, organic food.

  • 1
    Control what you eat: break away from the agricultural and corporate food giants. Grow what you want, how you want it.
  • 2
    Improve your healthnot just the fact that you'll be eating healthier; gardening is great exercise and stress-relief and is a great option for screen-free family time!
  • 3
    Save money: stop paying for produce - just go out back and pick some!

Here's What You'll Learn

  • Planning basics, including site selection and choosing the right varieties
  • How to prepare the soil to get your vegetables off to a great start
  • How to start your own seeds and grow unique varieties you won't find at the garden center
  • What every plant needs for optimal growth and how to provide it
  • Tips for maximizing  your growing space even if you don't have much (or any) land
  • How to treat common problems without harmful chemicals
  • How to save seeds for future years (and save yourself even more money in the process)

Course Modules

  1. The Basics
    • Choosing the best location for your garden
    • Planning the garden
    • Choosing varieties to suit your needs
  2. ​What Every Plant Needs
    • Making great soil
    • How to manage water and light
    • Succession planting, crop rotation, and season extension
  3. Seed Starting
    • Creating your own seed starting mix
    • Proper care of seedlings
    • Hardening and transplanting outside
  4. Raised Bed Gardening
    • How to make your space more efficient
    • Tips on construction and cultivation
  5. Vertical Gardening
    • How to grow up, not out
    • Different methods and their pros/cons
  6. Growing In Small Spaces
    • Container gardening
    • Tips and tricks for maximizing any available space
  7. Organic Pest and Disease Management
    • Weeding secrets
    • Common problems and how to treat them
  8. Seed Saving
    • Plant spacing for cross-pollination
    • Easy seeds to start with
    • Storage and germination

Don't Just Take It From Me!

Are you a beginner gardener? Do you need to help figuring out where to put your garden? Gabe will help you figure it out!


“I've learned a lot of great gardening ideas - thanks for sharing all these useful tips!”


Ready To Take The Leap?

If you're ready to take charge of the food that you feed your family, eat healthier, and save big-time money on your grocery bill, then let's go!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Gabe Wright

About the Instructor

Gabe Wright thinks fresh vegetables are the best thing ever, and wants you to feel the same. He helps novice growers get up to speed quickly​, and seeks to instill a lifelong passion for gardening. Gabe believes that growing your own food is crucial for your health and the long-term health of our food system.

He's been gardening for most of his 35 years, and has learned a few things over that time... mostly what not to do, but occasionally he'll do something that actually works out the first time.

Here's What You'll Get

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    LIFETIME access to all eight of the Dig In! modules. 
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    Downloadable planting template, customized to your growing zone.
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    An invitation to a special members-only forum to share what's working for you (and what's not).
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    ​Plant-spacing cheat sheet.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't find any value in this course, just let us know within 30 days and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

Who is this course NOT for?

Do I have to watch at a certain time?

I don't have a lot of land.

​I kill every plant I touch.

Why should I pay for this knowledge?

​Don't wait. ​Every day that you delay is another day that you're lining the pockets of the corporate agricultural giants, who have no interest in your health or well-being. Take charge of your own food.

And I mean that, even if you don't buy this course. You'll almost certainly be better for it.​​​​

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