Grow Your Own Food:
Eat Healthier
And Save Money

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Are you a beginner gardener? Do you need to help figuring out where to put your garden? Gabe will help you figure it out!

- Alyssa 

No More Excuses!

You want to feed your family healthier food, but not sure how (besides buying it)? 

Convinced that you have a "black thumb?"

Live in an apartment or condo and think that you don't have the space?

Too busy with work or kids' activities?

Think that you can't grow anything without a bunch of nasty chemicals?


you can keep feeding your kids fast food, or shell out big $$$ for organic.

You can live in the past thinking about that poor houseplant you neglected.

You can be frustrated about being stuck in a small place.

You can keep wasting time on your phone, then complaining about how you don't have enough.

You can listen to the chemical giants who tell you that you need their products.


you can provide your family with the best food possible, save money, and actually get your kids to enjoy the vegetables that they helped grow.

You can learn how to make sure that any plant in your care thrives.

You can capitalize on the space that you do have and grow more than you ever thought possible.

You can spend only a few minutes a day on taking care of your plants (and still have time for Facebook).

You can tell the chemical giants "No thanks" and grow food chemical-free.

What's it gonna be?

Here's What You'll Learn

  • Planning basics, including site selection and choosing the right varieties
  • How to prepare the soil to get your vegetables off to a great start
  • How to start your own seeds and grow unique varieties you won't find at the garden center
  • What every plant needs for optimal growth and how to provide it
  • Tips for maximizing  your growing space even if you don't have much (or any) land
  • How to treat common problems without harmful chemicals
  • How to save seeds for future years (and save yourself even more money in the process)

Course Modules

  1. The Basics
    • Choosing the best location for your garden
    • Planning the garden
    • Choosing varieties to suit your needs
  2. ​​What Every Plant Needs
    • Making great soil
    • How to manage water and light
    • Succession planting, crop rotation, and season extension
  3. Seed Starting
    • Creating your own seed starting mix
    • Proper care of seedlings
    • Hardening and transplanting outside
  4. Raised Bed Gardening
    • How to make your space more efficient
    • Tips on construction and cultivation
  5. Vertical Gardening
    • How to grow up, not out
    • Different methods and their pros/cons
  6. Growing In Small Spaces
    • Container gardening
    • Tips and tricks for maximizing any available space
  7. Organic Pest and Disease Management
    • Weeding secrets
    • Common problems and how to treat them
  8. Seed Saving
    • Plant spacing for cross-pollination
    • Easy seeds to start with
    • Storage and germination

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About the Instructor

Gabe Wright thinks fresh vegetables are the best thing ever, and wants you to feel the same. He helps novice growers get up to speed quickly​, and seeks to instill a lifelong passion for gardening. Gabe believes that growing your own food is crucial for your health and the long-term health of our food system.

He's been gardening for most of his 35 years, and has learned a few things over that time... mostly what not to do, but occasionally he'll do something that actually works out the first time.